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Corix Advantage

There are many factors that we believe give Corix Bioscience a competitive advantage over our competitors:


        Our product is superior to our competitors as we are one of the only companies that is not only organic as defined by the FDA, but can also track every single plant back to its origin. We clone all of our plants based off of three original types; Otto, Cherry Wine and Georges Pet. As a result, we know exactly what we are getting each and every time we harvest as opposed to seeds where things can vary from plant to plant. This is huge when dealing with a large account that needs precision for their products.

     Human Recourses

        Our team has over 50 years of experience in cultivating and extracting CBD and THCV oils from the industrial hemp plant. We feel we are the only company in the country that has the ability to carry out such an aggressive growth plan as ours.


        Our location is on the Washoe Tribal Allotment in Minden NV. We have secured a 25-year land lease with the Tribe family to cultivate and process the CBD and THCV oil. The facility will be in the middle of a major corridor for product grown in Oregon, Northern California and Nevada. We are already permitted to grow here and have several other grows in a 25-mile radius and Southern Nevada.

     Operational Systems

        Over the next year, we plan on investing over $7 million in the operation. There will be over 180,000 square feet of greenhouse that will be used to “start” the hemp plants from clone to rooted seedling. After which the plants will be planted in the fields. Aside from the 3 months used to start these plants, we will use the greenhouses to grow THCV. Our process manufacturing plant is a proprietary system that runs.


        We have cultivation, processing and dispensary licenses in the State of Nevada. We also have one of the only DEA issued Cannabis Transportation. Being involved with the Indian Tribes also exempts us from many of the taxes associated with hemp and cannabis.


        We also have a built-in customer base as many of the smoke shops around the US are Tribal owned. Many of these smoke shops are now getting licenses to sell cannabis as well as the CBD and THCV products.


        We are 10 miles east of Lake Tahoe and 40 miles south of Reno, NV. We have access to unlimited tribal members for general labor and our area with support the lifestyle higher required by executive level employees.

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