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These will play a vital role in allowing us to be able to clone our plants and create proprietary strains based on the quality of CBD oil and yield. They also help us give our plants a head start before placing them in the fields. After the outdoor plants are planted, the greenhouses will be used to continue to grow crops during the cold winter months. The heated and cooled greenhouses will help all around environmental control of our growing.

Cultivation In The Field

Our goal is to have 500 acres planted in year three. The ground is a (Tribal Allotment) in Minden NV. The started plants (about 15" tall) will be planted on a 6'X6' schedule or about 1,200 plants per acre. We will always have 10-20 acres set aside for testing yields per acre and per plant.

Process Manufacturing (Extraction)


Process Manufacturing or "Extraction" is an eleven-stage process that extracts CBD oil from the industrial Hemp plant. It is important to point out that we are not dealing with any THC based plants. The following continues the process from where the cultivation section left off.

The facility has a full testing lab, and two classrooms. The classrooms and lab are part of a partnership with the University of Reno, Harvard University and Valley Childrens Hospital. The partnership is for further studies using CBD for the treatment of cancer in pediatrics. The project to lead by a current top 5 NFL Quarterback. He is also working with several other current and former NFL players with the vision to study of treating concussions with CBD Oil. We are also in the very beginning stages of working with Walter Reed Medical Center to use our study of using CBD for the treatment of PTSD. The latter is at its infancy stage and anticipate the next steps are years until final approval. We can however, sell our PTSD treatment once we finalize the delivery system.

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